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Thank you for visiting my website. I've been dealing in antiques for the past 20 plus years. I have assisted at estate auctions where my knowledge was trusted to identify items before they came up for auction and gave them estimated values of each item.

You can be confident of my experience if I am entrusted to conduct your sale. I have built relationships with appraisers, antique dealers and collectors that specialize in different items so that you will be assured that your items will have the best appraised values.

In order to notify you of an estate sale I will need your email address. You have my personal guarantee that it will not be shared or sold to anyone for any reason.

Please contact me for a free on-site evaluation of your estate.

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Angie's List Reviews


Fox Estate Liquidators went through our entire house and garage to prepare for the sale. They sorted all items and placed them in different areas of the house so that the customers would have a positive shopping experience. They researched and priced all items at fair market value which helped our family receive maximum income per item. They provided their own display shelving. They cleaned the house and moved items around so that all items were easily marketable.

Mark Fox and his team at Fox Estate Liquidators did an excellent job start to finish. Our family was very overwhelmed with the death of a loved one. They assisted our family by going through and organizing and displaying treasures that had been collected for over 40 years. They were very professional and worked very hard to meet all deadlines. They also merchandized the house so that the sale would run smoothly and items would be easily seen. Mark did a great job of advertising and promoting our sale thru photographs and the internet. We are so grateful to Mark and his staff. They worked so hard to make sure our sale was a great success. We would absolutely recommend Fox Estate Liquidators to everyone we know. If we ever have to opportunity to have another estate sale, Mark will be the first person we call!

Tracy L.
McKinney, Texas

Mark Fox and his team of professionals prepared my house and sales items for an estate sale. He went above an beyond to create outstanding creative displays to feature the sales items in the most appealing way. Their hard work and dedication made my estate sale very successful.

The experience was amazingly great from start to finish! Very professional and very efficient. I would highly recommend Fox Liquidators.

Bill M.
Dallas, Texas

We needed someone to help us get good prices for our deceased fathers tools. Mr. Fox was great, he came and picked up all the tools, combined them with another estate sale. He was able to get a lot more money for them, than we would ever have been. After the estate sale he gave us a thorough inventory and we received our money within 2 weeks. His fee was 30% which was very reasonable given our situation. Great to work with such a professional company.

Paul & Joy H.
Salem, Oregon

Mr. Fox was very thorough in his classification and presentation of the items we were liquidating. We were downsizing to a smaller lake home and had several expensive items to sell. We were very pleased with his pricing and we netted more than anticipated. His commission was fair. We came away with the feeling that he is a very honest and reliable person with integrity. We spoke with him recently as we may be moving from our present home; and, we also have a friend in University Park that is considering having a sale.

It went exceptionally well as we did not have any problems and had very few items left to donate to our church.

The signs leading to our home were placed in appropriate locations. He grouped all items in categories. He gave us an estimate of how much we might net. His estimate was correct.

Helen T.
Log Cabin, Texas

When the day of estate sale started we could not believe how many people came to buy. Mark has loyal customers that follow every of his estate sales. We had a lot of people buying things. When we walked in the house after the sale was over we could not believe that almost everything was gone. Even old plastic containers and towels, clothes and shoes were sold. We could not believe our eyes. Not only Mark sold almost everything also he gave us 3 times more then we had expected and what other professional estate liquidates told us we could get. It was so easy to work with Mark and his team. All of Mark's people are very nice, honest and understanding. Mark is the master of estate liquidators! I would highly recommend him to all of my friends. That was a pleasure to work with Fox Estate Liquidators.

Everything went extremely well. That was nothing for us to do or to worry about.

Elena M.
Dallas, Texas


" We had a great experience working with Mark and his team. Mark was able to get us much more than we expected. He sold 95% of what we had to sell. Mark Fox is the Master of estate liquidators. We would highly recomend him to all our friends. He is very professional, reliable, cares about people and does a fantastic job."

Elena Mickel
University Park, Texas

" Mark was the first person that I contacted, and after contacting him, I didn’t feel the need to contact any others. He proved throughout the process that he was honest beyond reproach. He handled everything very professionally, had a good understanding of the market and pricing, and sold at least 95% of the items in the house. The day after the sale, the house was totally empty with the floors vacuumed and swept. And we were happy with the proceeds."

Jeff Groce
McKinney, Texas

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