If you have a homeowners association, please check with them about their regulations and codes regarding sales and signs for a public sale on your property. Will you need a permit to hold a sale?

Please provide any documentation that will verify that you have the right to sell the items included in the sale. (i.g. Will, Power of Attorney, etc.)

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Mark Fox

Please call for a meeting with Fox Estate Liquidators for a free consultation and evaluation. After this, we will answer any of your questions and determine how we might best meet your needs for liquidating your personal items.

You will need to decide which items will be included in the sale. Any items that are not to be in the sale need to be clearly marked or removed from the premises before we enter the home to begin pricing and merchandising.

Once you have chosen Fox Estate Liquidators to conduct your sale please do not throw away anything or have a garage sale before our first meeting. Allow us to establish trash or treasure for you.

If you have any history or appraisal receipts of the value of any of the items to be sold, please provide them up front so that we can determine if they are up-to-date.

Please provide electricity, water, heat or cooling and proof of Home Owner's Liability insurance for the premises on which the sale will be held.

If you are selling the home; please have the Realtor supply us with information sheets for us to distribute during the sale.

We will provide options for removal of any unsold items.

When FEL has been authorized to take possession of the home after the contract has been completed and signed; FEL will clean, trash, dig, sort, display, price, have required items appraised and merchandise your sale in a timely and professional manner while you sit back and relax.

Please take a look at some pictures of FEL's previous sales that will help give you an idea of how our team displays and merchandises each sale. We feel that the better the home is displayed, merchandised, and well cleaned & priced helps the sale to run smoothly and reflects quality which in turn demands a better price for your treasures.

We've held estate sales in Highland Park, University Park, North Dallas, Plano, Allen, Richardson, McKinney and offer our services to the following locations and surrounding areas.

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